I started developing on a HP unix machine that had a green screen, I forget what processor it was, but all I had was a c-shell and I loved it. Things have moved on from then. I'm dumping out what I use today so I can look back later in the years ahead.


  • Macbook air 1.8ghz i7, 4gb RAM, 256GB SSD
  • iPhone 4 32gb, ARM Cortex A8 with PowerVR GPU (Apple A4)
  • iPad Mini WiFi 32gb, ARM Cortext A9 with Dual core PowerVR GPU (Apple A5)

Daily desktop software

  • Mac OS X 10.8.2
  • Reminders
  • Calendar synced with Google
  • Google Chrome beta - sticky tab mail for personal and another for company, irccloud for IRC chat
  • iTerm, so that I can use split panes and use the mac cmd keys (my brain is programmed that way currently)
  • Alfred as a launcher and helper to quickly get to data (contacts, open recent files, clipboard history)
  • Tweetdeck mac for tweet deck
  • iTunes for local music

For Development

  • zsh, with my dotfiles for custom prompt, aliases, history search etc.
  • macvim for editing code, markdown and other text based files
  • homebrew to manage my Mac libraries and services (Thank you Max for this!)
  • Postgres first choice of db on projects therefore always running, MySQL and mongoDB manually turn off and on when I need
  • Redis always running, used as cache and backed for queuing
  • rbenv to manage my ruby versions
  • Vagrant for developing other stuff requiring lots of things I don't need every day (Firefox OS compiling for example)

Web services

  • Dropbox for Documents
  • Google GMail, calendar, contacts, docs (or should I say drive)
  • Google Reader
  • iCloud for Reminders and find my phone & iPad
  • Evernote - for dumping my brain on ideas / potential emails / things i want to continue on the iPhone
  • Github & Codeplane for repo hosting
  • 1password for my password management
  • Instapaper for reading
  • Pinboard for saving bookmarks and sharing with team
  • Blogtrotter to send our team pinboard links we save under certrain tags
  • Pivotal Tracker for managing iterations with clients and internal projects
  • Twitter / LinkedIn / google+ / app.net / Facebook - all for different things
  • Spotify / We Are Hunter for music
  • Buffer to queue my posts to social networks
  • Flowdock - chat and aggregation tool used mainly with clients
  • Communications - mac messages app to talk over Gtalk & Skype

What do you use and find it good for? :wq